Simple Obstacle Course for Crawlers

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Louis is mobile now and almost walking, so he’s crawling like a maniac, and stairs are not an obstacle anymore…so its time to have some fun!

Creating an obstacle course seems kind of crazy to do with a baby… but it really isn’t!

It’s a great way for babies to work on their already building gross motor skills!

While this is a very basic obstacle course, it seems like mountains to a baby.

My older boys constantly take the cushions off the couch. And we’ve also had our fair share of fun with them too. But this time, I decided to include Louis in the couch cushion fun too!

Super simple obstacle course for crawlers

I set up our couch cushions so that there were ‘steps’ to go over and a ramp to go down. (I tried to make a tunnel to go through, but it just wasn’t working!)

I added blankets and pillows around it in case of any roll-offs.

But… Louis didn’t go for it. For some reason he didn’t care at all about climbing over the mountain of cushions.


Then I put two balls in the mix of the cushions. Louis totally went for that! He climbed over the cushions to grab them. Then he stopped to chew on them, and laugh.

And then I’d move the balls to the other end where he’d crawl to get the balls again, and laugh some more.


It ended up as a fun activity for him to be a part of. He didn’t want to leave his mountain of an obstacle course!


He got quite excited at times and would fall backwards. I was there for a quick catch, but thankful I had the blankets and pillows stashed around the sides.

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