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Here’s a simple, quick airplane craft from Green Kid Crafts.

airplane craft from Green Kid Crafts

I was pretty excited when Penny from Green Kid Crafts contacted me about reviewing her products – the only subscription-based, earth-friendly craft kits in the states.

I was even more excited when I got the crafts! They were sent to me packaged in completely recyclable materials: newspaper and tissue paper.

What got me even more excited? Check out the directions, the first line states:

‘Remember its about having fun and the process and not about the finished product!’

That’s our It’s Playtime motto! The right kind of craft for us — play comes first, product second.

Directions: Remember its about having fun and process and not about the finished product!

Everything that is needed is supplied with the crafts (you just add whatever you want to make it your own).

Henry got busy right away painting the airplane blue. He used a couple different materials to apply the paint: a sponge for one side and his tiny paintbrush for the entire other side.

paint the airplane

As I should have known, Henry really wanted the airplane to be green.Color Mixing Lesson:
Instead of giving him green paint, I added yellow to his palette. He immediately mixed the blue and yellow colors on the palette to make green paint. He also painted with just the yellow paint on the still wet blue airplane and made it green that way as well.

learn about mixing colors

Green Kid Crafts even sent along star stickers to add to the wings of the airplane.

The only trouble we had was in assembling the airplane. My husband had to shave off a little of the slot opening to slide the large wings through.

finished airplane toy from Green Kid Crafts

On top of the airplane being fun to make, its a toy to play with!

play with a toy that your child designed!

Henry also made his own sailboat from Green Kid Crafts.
Trusting him, I gave him my sharpies (so he could use this in the bath) and he spent quite a lot of time decorating every part of the boat, including the pole.

sailboat from Green Kid Crafts

Green Kid Crafts also sent Henry a wind chime to decorate. Supplied with plenty of decorations, little squares, shiny flowers and circles, and buttons. All Henry had to do was glue them on and place them in the arrangement he wanted. He was very particular that the squares went around the edge of the circle medallion! Those little squares really worked those fingers, only helping his fine motor skills!

wind chime from Green Kid Crafts

A little about Green Kid Crafts:

  • Subscription-based craft kits – this means you get 3 different crafts each month you’re subscribed for. (There’s 3 month, 6 month and 12 month subscriptions).
  • Everything is green, kid-friendly and also safe!
  • Every kit supplies everything you need to make the craft. You just supply glue/markers/scissors – stuff you’d already have in your kid’s craft cupboard!
  • These aren’t crafts that you’re going to file away to keep as keepsakes – they’re all something your child can have to play with after they’ve made it!

Head on over to the Green Kid Crafts Facebook Page and Like it! Penny also has a blog on her website that focuses primarily on crafts made out of recycled materials.

(Green Kid Crafts compensated me with their products for this review.)

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  1. Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree says

    Love that you got to review these products! Love that they are all Earth Friendly projects! Looks like Henry had a blast! Love the wind chime, but I bet H liked the airplane better! I will have to check out their site!

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