A Number Maze for Preschoolers to Count


I taped out a maze on our floor with masking and painter’s tape. To make it a number maze to practice countingI simple labeled it with numbers, with one path being in numerical order. The rest random.

A Number Maze for Preschoolers to Count

[By the way: that was the extent of George's participation in the maze activity. Sitting on the maze.]

I used the tape itself as the road of the maze [instead of between the tape lines].

I made sure to include numbers that Henry wasn’t quite as familiar with [to fifteen].

He’s got 1-10 down pat, but starts getting confused at 13 [skipping to 16, then 19].

He also has troubles recognizing any double digit number, so this was great practice!

counting numbers on a maze
Henry grabbed his machine of choice, the combine.

And drove through the maze, in the order of the numbers.

Number maze for preschoolers

As I suspected, he did need some help with the double digit numbers and also with the next number after 13. But overall, I was quite impressed!

A Number Maze for Preschoolers to Count

A fun, interactive way to learn your numbers!

You can adjust the numbers up or down to your child’s level.

Or even do skip counting [by 5s or 10s]!

ABCs would be another fun way to do this maze!

*Beware: Use painters tape on your floor if at all possible. Other tape sticks. Bad.

Check out our outdoor maze that Henry drove through!

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  1. Jen@Creative and Curious Kids! says

    Good idea! I think little man would like riding his cars through a maze and then integrating counting for learning as well. Thanks!

  2. OneMommy says

    I've been wanting to do a tape maze with my little guy. Love the idea of adding numbers to it to work on counting skills as well.

  3. My Life as Mommy says

    What a fun idea! I'm going to remember this for when my Little Man gets a little older (he's 17 Months). Great idea

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