Sensory Activity with Corn Meal to Explore

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A simple sensory activity that all kids will enjoy. Corn meal is a wonderful sensory material for kids to explore!

Cornmeal Sensory Activity

Keeping George busy and entertained while Henry is at school each morning has become interesting. It’s amazing to see how much he has grown just in the last couple of months intellectually.

Even still, sensory play is a hit. I think it is for all ages (Henry still loves it at age 4).

Digging around my pantry the other day, I came across a tub of corn meal that I’ll never use. So I set it out on a pizza pan for George to explore.

What did we include in our corn meal sensory activity?

Along with the tub of cornmeal, I set out some old medicine cups, plastic forks and measuring spoons.

George spent the morning exploring this indoor ‘sandbox’.

Cornmeal Scooping & Dumping Sensory Activity

He scooped and poured, transferring corn meal from one container to another, over and over.

He eventually saw the marks he made on the pan with his fingers and made tracks.

Cornmeal Sensory Activity

George got up from the table a couple of times to go find his own additions.

Of course, he had to bring a digger and loader in. What scoops and pours better than that?

Cornmeal Sensory Activity

My boys mostly just like to scoop and pour with sensory materials such as corn meal. I’m curious how I can encourage other types of play, such as writing and mark making, in these types of materials. Any suggestions for me?

What sensory materials are your child’s favorite to explore?

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  1. Rene Kalata says

    I did this with my 19 month old twins recently. Their high chair trays made the perfect “bin” for each of them to have their own play space. They loved moving the cornmeal a pinch at a time from the tray to a small container or measuring cup. I also gave them spoons and other things to help them explore further.
    This idea inspired me to take it a step further the second time. This time, we started with dry oatmeal which was easier for them to pick up and move. Then I added some dry corn flake cereal, raisins, and yogurt melts. The activity quickly turned into a play/snack time. I had to keep adding more raisins and yogurt melts to the mix. The girls had a blast with this and the mess was easy to cleanup with my Swiffer SweepVac. Thanks for the great idea! We are looking forward to trying some more of your activities.

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