A Circle of Objects for Baby to Play & Learn

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Keeping track of our kids’ developmental progress has never been easier!

Poor Louis, he often gets forgotten. I rarely track anything with him. And just finally, he’s becoming a part of the activities we do. Its fun to do some special older baby activities just for him too though.

I’ve recently been introduced to our sponsor’s incredible new app, called Kinedu, that let’s you plug in your child’s milestone. Nothing technical at all, which is what I love, because I don’t know the technical jargon for any of it, and it figures out where they fall into different developmental areas.

I simply entered in Louis’s name and age and then it asks me a series of questions of “Your baby can…?” to find out where he is developmentally.

Very nice. But that’s not even the best part of it. After I entered his information for his developmental progress, it then goes on to suggest activities to do with him and why. What developmental area its working to help improve his progress.

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Kinedu calls it their:

Personalized Developmental Roadmap: Our ‘curriculum’ of activities that is personalized to each child – depending on his/her advances in each of the five developmental areas.

In doing this for Louis, I found that we needed to get him talking and saying words. Kinedu offered up several ideas and activities to help, called a Kinedugram, which is a 2-week activity plan with 5 activities per day!

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Many of Louis’s recommended activities focus on the Linguistic area. This one was to place objects in a circle around him and as his chooses them, to reinforce their names.

A simple 'name the object' setup for older babies and young toddlers

Kinedu suggests to have him repeat the word back before getting the object.

Louis isn’t quite the far in speaking, so this is definitely something we need to work on.

Instead, I took it more as an opportunity to label objects and repeat it frequently, in simple phrases to him.

I set out a few objects around our living room rug that were a few toys that he likes a lot (truck, tractor, semi) as well as books and a ball. I kept it to just a few to keep this simple.

Set objects in a circle for older babies to play with to work on naming objects

For instance, as Louis chose an object, I’d say:

“Tractor! Do you want to play with the tractor?”

“Tractor. Yeah! The tractor is green.”

“That’s a good tractor sound!”

You get the point. Repeating the word in every sentence as much as I possibly could.


And I did that for every object he played with.

We may have taken breaks too throughout the activity to read books or drive trucks for a bit.

So, it wasn’t a sit down and “Let’s do this” activity, but more of an ongoing activity that I was consciously speaking in simple terms (I used to do this with Henry all the time, but I think with having the two older boys, I forget to do it for Louis) and on repeat.


Download Kinedu for iOS:

And it’s grounded in the idea that what you do with your child today will shape his or her brain architecture – and in the long run, affect learning outcomes.

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Kinedu. All opinions are my own.

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