Christmas Sparkle Cloud Dough

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Cloud dough is awesome! I can’t believe its taken me this long to make it with the boys!

If you have not made cloud dough yet, it’s a lot like the texture of brown sugar. Crumbly and loose, but can be compacted together too!

Christmas Sparkle Cloud Dough Sensory Activity

And its simple to make too!

To make cloud dough, all you need is cornstarch and vegetable oil. Check The Imagination Tree’s post for Cloud Snow Dough for the exact ratio. That’s just a guideline though because I just added to it until I thought the texture felt right and it was able to stick together.

(Note: I’ve since found out that Cloud Dough can be made with flour instead of cornstarch! We always have flour on hand, so that will be our go to ingredient next time.)

I just dumped the two ingredients on a tray and mixed them up with George to make cloud dough. Since its Christmas-time, I grabbed red and green glitter to add a little sparkle to the dough for the holidays. Plus, George loves glitter and he loved adding it to the mixture!

Cloud Dough Texture

George was all over this! He played with the sparkly cloud dough the entire morning while Henry was at school. He thought it was fantastic! I gave him some measuring cups to press the cloud dough into to make bricks or balls.

We even made a little snowman together too!

Cloud Dough Compacted

We even had a little ‘writing’ practice in the cloud dough since its much like flour when it’s not compacted!

Writing in Cloud Dough

I honestly don’t know why its taken us so long to make this sensory dough! It really is awesome. The texture of its is so hard to describe… kind of silky I guess! Your hands will feel silky too after you’ve played with it all morning!

I’d love to hear if you’ve played with Cloud Dough yet. Yay or Nay?

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  1. says

    We love cloud dough too!!! I forgot to blog about our recentish experience when we added sprinkles. =) Back in the summer though, we used glitter and love it:!/2012/07/cloud-dough-sensory-play.html

    Wanted to tell you that we Snowman bombed our fridge this morning, partly due to inspiration from your blog. Thanks for the fun memories!!! We linked to your page.


  2. Beth says

    I made a similar version with flour and baby oil… Worst idea ever! The kids had so much fun but it was a horrible mess to clean up. Probably should of thought it further thru before using my vacuum… We had to take the *entire* thing apart and clean it in hot soapy water o.O It’s a funny story now tho :D

  3. Purple monster says

    I was just searching for something to do with my two toddlers this afternoon, I was thinking of making play dough but don’t have any salt and I am feeling too lazy to go to the shops and found your cloud dough post – this sounds fab and we have the ingredients so no need to go shopping! Will be trying this in a bit when they wake from their naps! Many thanks.

      • Melanie says

        Thank you , i used flour and olive oil and my 17 month old loved it !!! He had fun with some cups and plastic containers. He played for about 20 mins before he tarted throwing it all over the kitchen lol . But it helped on these cold windy days where i need inside arts and crafts and sensory activities . Melanie

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