Christmas Crafts: Child-Made Cards


Two fun Christmas Card Crafts for the kids to make! Shared by Cathy at NurtureStore.

(I love her point that they don’t have to be perfect. That’s kind of the best part!)

Simple child-made Christmas cards

With two crafty kids in the house we love to make and send some simple child-made Christmas cards to our friends and family. I love adding homemade touches to our celebration and I think sending a special card to someone they love is a fun way to involve children in the spirit of the holiday.

Here are two simple design ideas that are easy to make and look super cute.

Simple Christmas tree card:

child made christmas cards

This design is so easy to make and invites the children to add their own embellishments. The tree is made from a triangle shaped piece of paper, which you simply stick to the front your card. Then it’s over to the children to add all the decorations. You can glue on shapes, use stickers and, in our house at least, add lots and lots of glitter.

Easy snowman card :

child made christmas cards

The snowman is made from two circles of cotton wool, glued in place on the front of the card. Even very young children can add faces, buttons and arms with a pencil or marker pen. We like to add a few falling snowflakes, made by sticking on some sequins. I love how each of the snowmen my kids made looks different, with it’s own little personality.

Child-made Christmas cards don’t have to be perfect.
The very fact that they have been hand-made makes them special, and using bold shapes with your child’s own embellishments is a great-looking combination.

If your kids love lots of Christmas making they might like to try our paper plate angels or our model Christmas village.

Cathy James writes the blog NurtureStore which is packed full of play ideas, kids crafts and fun activities. Visit NurtureStore and sign up for your copy of the Weekly Play Planner for lots more fun ideas.

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  1. Esther says

    Hand-made cards are the best! Especially when they are made by the tiny little innocent hands:-)
    Love them!

  2. says

    I think this would be really fun to have kids send them to other kids in the family. Keeps the kids connected to each other, and it’s always fun to get mail!

  3. Deborah says

    The snowman & the Christmas tree are my favourite.
    Simple but very effective & perfect for little ones to make.
    Great ideas too.