St. Patrick’s Day Craft: Bubble Wrap Printed Shamrock

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Get creative and paint some shamrocks as a St. Patrick’s Day craft using bubble wrap! Packaging almost always gets reused in this house before it gets recycled or trashed.

Before we made our Bubble Pop Roads, Henry made a print with the bubble wrap (or ‘pops’).

Bubble wrap prints!  Then cut them out to be shamrocks for St. Patty's day!

I’m loving that St Patrick”s is coming up because I can always give Henry the choice of color when we do an art of craft, and the answer is always green since its his favorite color! (I added yellow and orange for him to use so we could get some gold in there, too.)

Henry used a sponge to paint the bubble wrap. He just covered it however he pleased.

02 Posts5-001

This is where it gets fun!

Once he covered the bubble wrap with a nice coat of green and yellow-orange paint we flipped it over and pressed it onto a piece of 12×12 scrapbook paper.

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Henry also did a little finger painting once we peeled it off, so we pressed it on again to get the ‘bubble’ effect.

And pressed it again and again… Henry liked seeing the prints it made.

2011-02-23_2424 (1)

I cut a shamrock out of it of the dried bubble wrap art to make it a St. Patrick’s Day craft. I was disappointed though, I loved the outer edge of the paper, it had the nice dots showing through.

So, I decided to make both the inside and the outside work and make a diptych of the shamrock print!


Two for one! (Though, I’m bummed because I don’t have two of my 12×12 frames yet!)

Be inspired by some more St. Patrick’s Day Crafts, including lots more shamrocks and lots of rainbows too!

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