A Beginning Letter Sounds Hunt for Toys to Wash

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To delve further into prepping to read this summer, we’re moving onto reviewing and learning beginning letter sounds.

Henry has learned his letter sounds this past year, so this is a great review for him. George is not to this point on his reading journey, so this is entirely new for him and more just as an introduction to have him be around it and not really involved yet.

George has been asking to do water activities all the time. More specifically, he wants to wash toys, over and over again. Which is great now that we can do it outside and with outdoor toys since its hot and humid here.

This time I decided to get Henry a little more involved intellectually and used it as an opportunity to review the beginning letteSr sounds.

A Beginning Letter Sounds Hunt for Toys to Wash

I wrote a few letters on our sidewalk. I chose letters that I knew we had toys that started with those letters. I wrote one letter per sidewalk square.

Beginning Letter Sounds on the Sidewalk

I filled two tubs with soap and water and gave the boys a few rags as their cleaning tools.

Hunt for toys with those beginning letter sounds:

Henry’s job was to find the toys to wash that started with those letters and George’s job was to wash the toys! Henry, of course, helped him wash too!

Searching for Toys that Begin with those Letter Sounds

Henry could find one or as many toys as he liked that started with the letter on the sidewalk.

For T, Henry found a Tow Truck.

For L, Henry found a Loader.

For M, Henry found the Mule.

For B, Henry found the Bulldozer.

Can’t tell we have boys here, can you?

For S, Henry found a shovel. He wanted to find a semi, but we don’t have an outdoor semi, and I limited this to outdoor toys. He needed a little help with this one since shovel is the only thing I could find and /sh/ is not a straightforward /s/ sound.

Other than the S, I was shocked at how well Henry did it without any help from me. He looked at the letter, thought for a second and ran off to get the toy.

Searching for Toys that Begin with those Letter Sounds

Henry didn’t grab a lot of toys to wash, which was probably good because it was taking them awhile to wash them thoroughly…

Washing the Toys that were found

Henry did point out other toys that he could have grabbed that started with the same letters.

M could have been Mower.

B could have been Bucket.

And so on.

Washing the Toys that were found

It was a fun way for the boys to spend the afternoon washing up our (very dirty) outdoor (mostly sandbox) toys.

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