Balloon Badminton Activity for Kids

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What can you do with a couple of balloons?

(Ideas are welcome!)

Not to worry – I’ve put together a list of 30 things to do with balloons!

A favorite of ours is balloon badminton!

I blew up a couple balloons and the first thing we did was play Balloon Badminton!


I put together two rackets with paper plates and Henry’s drumsticks.

I just scotch taped them on. We did have a couple instances of them falling apart.

You could use paint stir sticks, paper towel holders, or anything long and sturdy! (and staple them instead of using scotch tape!)

balloon badminton for kids

Henry and I didn’t make it a formal game of Badminton.

If you do, tell me your trick on how to make a preschooler do that…

But we did try a few things:

  1. Hit the balloon (hand-eye coordination)
  2. Keep the balloon off the ground (balance/steadiness)
  3. Hit the balloon back and forth to each other across the play table or other object (team play)

I rarely get pictures to share with you of Henry with a big grin on his face.

Every picture during this activity he has the biggest smile (the only problem I had was taking a picture while trying to hit a balloon!)

If the weather is cooperating – take this activity outside!

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  1. Deborah K. Hayford says

    In 1997 our second oldest daughter got married, so we had extended family gathered at our home the night before. We set up two stools across the room from each other, strung rope back and forth- to make a “net” and played balloon volleyball. The catch? We had to lay on our backs and not use our hands. Hilarious! And yes, we have a large, carpeted family room.

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