Baby Sensory with Ice

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Along with breaking out the pool to cool off every day, we found some other activities to do outside and make the heat more tolerable. We beat the heat.

Something easy for George to do (that Henry enjoyed as well) that kept him cool was simply a bowl of ice cubes. Though they didn’t stay frozen long, we added to them to keep the activity going.

George particularly enjoyed the ice!

Baby Sensory with Ice

At first when they ice was still frozen, he could pick them up easily and put them in his mouth.

I think the chill of the ice kind of scared him at times!

Baby Sensory with Ice

Once the ice melted a little (or George slobbered all over them), they became super slippery. Which made is almost impossible for George to grab them.

Baby Sensory with Ice

He tried and tried, over and over.

Until it finally led into a complete meltdown (pun intended).

George had enough after that.

He dumped out the ice and moved on to other things.

Baby Sensory with Ice

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  1. RE says

    My son has always loved ice too. Lol. What is it? He became interested when he was like … 6 months old and now he’s 13 months old and still in love. He even will get himself over to the ice maker in our bar and play at it :/ lol.

    It was great all summer!!! Wonder how he’ll feel about snow! Lol

  2. lala says

    This website is a lifesaver! Ive never worked with toddlers before until i started working @ my new job. Im use to 3 and 4 year olds, so working with babies and one year olds was a new experience and i had no idea what they could do because they were so young. After seeing this website im so confident that ill be able to teach these babies something.

  3. Janice says

    Aren’t you afraid of your baby choking? Tat slippery ice cube could easy slide right down his throat & would be impossible to grab. I would never allow any child under age 3/4 to just freely play with ice cubes…how dangerous & careless.

    • Leah says

      Babies have an amazing gag reflux that is in place to prevent chocking. There are moms who actually start their babies on real solids (thinks french fry size pieces of chicken, sweet potato, banana, apple, pear , etc.) for the baby to gnaw on and learn about food without doing purées. It’s called Baby Led Weaning. Look into it and see how they downplay the explain of choking in young babies.

  4. stephanie says

    I think I will try this with my 15 month old. He loves playing with cold objects. Obviously I will watch the cubes to make sure they don’t get too small as to be a choking hazard.

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