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Hands on : as we grow is all about learning to do hands on activities with your kids. Lots of practical, easy activities are shared, and learning opportunities are snuck in when possible.

You’ll find crafts, art projects, gross motor activities, and fine motor activities regularly on the blog. And a couple times each month I do a collection of play activities on a theme, such as what to do with all your crayons!

Hands on activities to do with your kids!

The Hands on Mission:hands on as we grow logo

Being hands on with your kids is a simple task that I am on a mission to get all moms to do. Its simply carving out time for your kids to focus on them each and every day.

Whether you do it by playing with them, reading to them, or doing an activity like we do! It’s all hands on and I applaud it all!


So much good stuff! I could stay on here all day… but I gotta use the good stuff on this precious 3 year old of mine. She loves it too.” – Frances

Here’s what you can expect on hands on : as we grow:

  • Activities that are simple to put together for your kids. I almost always do activities that use what I have on hand that are fitting for preschoolers, toddlers and even babies occasionally!
  • A parenting post here and there. This isn’t my forte of handing out advice, but I do have experience of being a mom, so I share my experiences every once in a while.
  • From time to time I get the opportunity to review and share a product that is of interest to myself, and hopefully you, too!
  • Each week I send out a newsletter to subscribers of our hands on activities, sharing what we did that week, passing along a couple of activities that I found elsewhere that I loved, and giving you updates of what’s going on here at home and in my little blog world.

I love the mix of learning and moving! I think it keep the kids so engaged.” – Jill of A Mom with a Lesson Plan on Learning Upper and Lowercase Letters on the Sidewalk.

To get started being hands on with your kids:

While my mission is to get every mom active with their children, there’s also times when you need to be hands off. For two reasons:

  1. Your kids really need to learn how to entertain themselves. This is when they’ll thrive and push themselves.
  2. You need your own time to yourself too! Don’t forget about YOU.

I needed that today. You do amazing things at your house – but it’s comforting to know that you don’t do this ALL the time – I’m glad I’m not the only one who does hands-on just a few times a week. And it’s all okay.” – Anna of The Measured Mom on It’s Okay to NOT do Hands on Activities.

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About Jamie:

I’m Jamie, the mom behind the scenes here. I have three boys that are crazy energetic and we like to have fun!

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