30 Homemade Ornaments for the Kids


Thirty homemade ornaments to make with your kids for keepsakes this Christmas, or just for fun!

I especially love the globe ornaments, so I even included a section of just those!

Six keepsake ornaments. Ten globe ornaments. And even fourteen homemade ornaments that the kids can make!

So call the kids over as you scroll through these and decide which ornament you’ll make today! [And then choose another to make tomorrow! I think you'll have enough to do one each day until Christmas!]


30 homemade ornaments for kids to make

keepsake ornaments:

Salt Dough Handprints, 1 of the 30 homemade ornaments for kids Wrapped photo, 1 of the 30 homemade ornaments for kids
Salt Dough Handprints:
Under the Table & Dreaming
Wrapped Up Photo:
Toddler Approved
Time Capsule Ornaments, 1 of the 30 homemade ornaments for kids Shell vacation keepsake
Time Capsule Ornament:
Cleverly Inspired
Shell Vacation Keepsake:
Paint Cut Paste
Salt Dough Initial Ornament, 1 of the 30 homemade ornaments for kids Handprint snowman ornament
Salt Dough Initials:
The Imagination Tree
Handprint Snowman:
Little Bit Funky

globe ornaments:

Marble painted ornament Drip painted ornament
Marble Painted:
Kids Activities Blog
Drip Painted Ornament:
Pom Pom Ball Ornament Gum Drop Ornament
Pom Pom Ball:
Zakka Life
Gum Drop Ornament:
Six in the Suburbs
Snow filled ornament Reindeer ornament
Snow Filled Globe:
According to Kelly
Reindeer Ornament:
Little Wonders’ Days
Sequined ball homemade ornament Fabric scrap homemade ornament
Sequinned Ball:
Kid Giddy
Fabric Scrap Ornament:
Zakka Life
I Spy Ornament Marshmallow snowman ornament
‘I Spy’ Ornament:
Craft Goodies
Marshmallow Snowman:
Craft Goodies

homemade ornaments by the kids:

beaded snowflake ornament Stained glass ornament
Beaded Snowflake:
School Time Adventures
Stained Glass Gingerbread:
Paper baubles Homemade salt dough tree ornaments
Paper Baubles:
Red Ted Art
Salt Dough Trees:
The Imagination Tree
Glittery pine cone ornaments Beaded star
Glittery Pine Cones:
Mom Spotted
Beaded Star:
Mrs. Picasso’s Art Room
Woven cardboard stars Crystal Snowflake Ornaments
Woven Cardboard Stars:
The Crafty Crow
Borax Crystal Snowflakes:
Happy Birdycake
Sewn felt star ornament Popsicle Star Ornament
Sewn Felt Star:
Frugal Fun 4 Boys
Popsicle Stick Snowflakes:
The Crafting Chicks
Flared Christmas tree ornaments Button Christmas Tree Ornament
Flared Christmas Trees:
The Ki Blog
Button Christmas Tree:
hands on : as we grow
[guest post by Toddler Approved]
Foam Santa Ornament Popsicle stick tree ornament
Foam Santa Ornament:
Toddler Approved
Popsicle Stick Tree:
Mom Spotted


T’is the season!
What do you make with the kids for the holiday season?

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  1. Anna @ The Imagination Tree says

    What a fabulous round up! This one's pinnable for SURE! Love them all and thanks SO much for including not one but two of ours! ;-)

  2. jen @ paintcutpaste.com says

    oooo, i'm inspired! thanks for including our shells among these beautiful ornaments! we're currently in the process of making more pinecone fairy ornaments (http://paintcutpaste.com/pine-cone-fairies/), painted wooden ornament (http://paintcutpaste.com/pimp-my-pine/), and fancy globe ornaments (http://paintcutpaste.com/fancy-globe-ornaments/) right now. and one other treat that will be on the blog soon… though i'm honestly not sure if our tree can hold another doo-dad! happy holidays!

  3. Rashmie @ MommyLabs says

    What a gorgeous, gorgeous collection! Loved each of them…
    Time to make some in the days to come…! ah..it rhymed ;)
    Happy Thanksgiving :)

  4. MaryAnn says

    Amazing and fun and so many are really creative from the kids' own styles. I have to throw in one more idea that was a big hit and my grown girls still love to see: MINI PAINTINGS! We bought tiny frames and they made tiny paintings and drawings. They even glued tiny paints to the BACKS of the frames. Yes, glitter is part of it all. So cute on a wreath or on the tree. they like for me to just set them up on a shelf so they are easy to see. Precious masterpieces. I'll get a picture for you before long, I HOPE! Have to bring out the boxes first…. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas. Thank you for all you do to brighten our lives.

  5. Charlotte says

    Great choices – we are making boxes of ornaments for the grandparents this year (because we're arty, not because money is tight-ahem) – lots of great inspiration here!

  6. Amanda says

    Love some of these! I am a huge fan of kids making their ornaments and hope to make and post some of my favorites on our blog this month!

  7. (V.Kerr) School Time Adventures says

    This really is a great assortment of fun ideas. I'm excited to try some new ones! Thanks for sharing our beaded snowflake.

  8. crittersandcrayons says

    This is a wonderful post, Jaime!!! We'll be decorating the kids' tree soon and will be referring to this- I would love if you'd consider linking up to the homemade christmas linky at the Critters and Crayons Blog with one of your awesome holiday posts! :)http://crittersandcrayons.com/2011/11/27/our-homemade-christmas-gifts-dont-look-if-youre-on-my-list/

  9. Rene'e Peterson says

    These ornaments are so cute! I can’t wait to make these with my daughter to put on our tree and give as gifts!

  10. Emily says

    I can’t wait to make all of these they are so awesome!!!! Thanks for sharing!!! This afternoon i’m going to share these with my neice she’ll be sooooo excited!!! ;) <3

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