16 Valentine’s Celebrations from The Heart Project Party!


Earlier this week, Cathy of NurtureStore and I hosted a very hoppin’ Valentine’s Day party for The Heart Project!

A bunch of moms joined the party and swapped ideas for Valentine’s Day, including family celebrations and traditions, as well as recipes and crafts.

Cathy shared yesterday a few of the Valentine’s crafts and recipes that party-goers chimed in with.
Today, I’m sharing!
Valentine’s Day traditions and celebrations!
[Toddler Approved, from The Heart Book]
  1. We love heart-shaped pancakes and heart-shaped fruit salads =)
    [Mama Smiles]
  2. My mom used to make us valentines and they’d be sitting on the table when we woke up [Create with Kids]
  3. We love lovehearts so we’ll be decorating the house and baking heart shaped cakes! [NurtureStore]
  4. Making cards and cooking up some things. Made a heart mobile.
    [Rainy Day Mum]
  5. My husband & kids are making me heart-shaped sugar cookies for VDay :-)
    [My Creative Family]
  6. For V-day Hubs takes the girls to a dance and I take the boys out for icecream
    [Quirky Momma]
  7. Every morning we received PINK milk, strawberries, and heart-shaped toast as a child.[The Preschool ToolBox]
  8. I always celebrated as a child, Valentines w/ my classmates, candy & card from parents.
    [My Creative Family]
  9. My mum always bought us heart shaped chocolate lollipops.
  10. My dad wrote me a handwritten card every year.
    [Ready. Set. Read!]
  11. I gave Valentines from stuffed animals, my husband & I, & their teacher [me] when my kids were young homeschoolers! Fun! :)
    [Living Montessori Now]
  12. I give my kid a love song for valentine!
    [Angelique Felix]
  13. She will give these I heart U cards to her classmates in school.
    [Putti Prapancha]
  14. I love the idea of giving your child a flower to plant.
    [Ready. Set. Read!]
  15. Time spent together!
    [hands on : as we grow]
  16. …creating things to remember with our kids! 
    [The Preschool ToolBox]
If more inspiration is needed, be sure to follow…
Valentine’s Day Pinterest Board
[Mindful Meanderings, from The Heart Book]
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