Traveling Activities

This past weekend the boys and I went traveling with Grandma and [someday] Aunt Kim to visit my other brother’s family.

How to entertain the boys during our travels?

Travel Activities

I packed bags of activities to do!

  • Imaginets - a magnetic white board case with magnet shapes to create. [Included some of Henry’s Crayola washable markers that easily wipe off with baby wipes.]
  • I Spy Bottle for either of the boys to find hidden shapes and letters in the rice.
  • Stickers and construction paper.
  • Portable DVD Player with a couple DVD’s – I don’t own a portable DVD player, so I checked one out for a week from my local library!
  • Little toys that Henry packed in a small bag.
  • Special snacks [like chocolate milk and trail mix].
  • Travel Lap Tray for eating snacks and playing.
  • Most importantly: Extra adults to play with the kids in the back. [Minivan needed.]

We also played a version of I Spy – we looked for semis! Henry chose a color of semi for each of us to look for, then we counted them. This ended up being more of a game for the adults than it was for Henry – he just liked to point out the semis [which was constantly, by the way].

Most of these ideas came from my Facebook crowd when I posed the question of what to do while traveling on a long road trip.

Other comments on activities for traveling [I couldn’t take everything along]:

Travel Activities [Paint with Contact Paper] by Dilly-Dali Art


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  1. Itsy Bitsy Learners says

    THis is great! I am going to be writing a post next month on preparing for a long haul flight … (we are off to UK 10 hour plane ride … eek!)

  2. Mama Pea Pod says

    Ooh, I'd love one of those travel trays. I wonder if we can get them here and if they would fit our carseats.

  3. Anna @ The Imagination Tree says

    Fantastic collection of ideas! I shall be using these gratefully in the near future, thank you! (and thanks for linking to me too!)

  4. Aleacia @ Dilly-Dali Art says

    Great post! All of my family lives a few hours away, some north some south…these are great ideas to take along with us :)
    Thanks for linking to my post :) :)

  5. Jackie H. says

    Love the I-spy idea. I wonder if my library has portable dvd players that can be checked out… never thought of that one!

  6. Rachel says

    We make a yearly 28 hours of driving trek… and our tip is to have as much driving time as possible while the kiddos are asleep :)

  7. Aunt Annie says

    Oh, that bit about the semis took me back! With my son it was Spot the Tractor… he would find them so much more quickly than anyone else. And then correct you if you dared to refer to a backhoe as a 'digger'. My son also enjoyed singalong in the car, either with me or one of his favourite CDs.

  8. says

    Really GREAT tips…I love your tray and imaginets. I've never seen them.

  9. Debbie says

    Keen insight into making the trip more up-beat for all? Planning ahead from the view point of your wee wonders! Lots of upbeat insight.

  10. Life by Cynthia says

    Oh how I love this post! Our son is young yet – he will turn one next week but you tips will come in handy very soon! I found my way here via SITS.


  11. The Iowa Farmer's Wife says

    We travel a lot because our families live FAR away from us, so I wanted to throw a few ideas in! :) Lots of books, especially lift the flap (Fisher Price has some great ones with over 40 flaps!). Kids music sing along songs. I traveled with my daughter for 12 hours and we had a great time singing. Little cars on your lap tray as well, it looks like the fold out board you have would be great because it has an edge! We also got a Splash Art board for her birthday from a friend that she loved in the car, too. Love all your ideas! That magnet board is awesome!

  12. Amber says

    Wow that board would be wonderful for a smash to the face if there was an accident. My kids do 3 hour drives all the time so I know it’s hard to keep them occupied but yikes, scale it down for safety sake. (I know it’s old but I hate seeing things like this on Pinterest and no one points out how unsafe it really is.)

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