Toddler Craft: Wrapping Paper Stocking

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This is another activity that I did a couple of years ago with Henry after Christmas with wrapping paper scraps. The idea for the activity came from No Time For Flash Cards, once again.

Wrapping Paper Stocking Craft

After the holidays, I always have a ton of wrapping paper scraps just lying around. Either from wrapping presents, or from unwrapping them on Christmas day.

Take advantage of those scraps and reuse them before you throw them out!

I cut out a Christmas stocking shape from a 12×12 piece of scrapbook paper. Gave Henry a glue stick and the wrapping paper scraps and let him stick them on any way he please.

When he was finished, I trimmed off the wrapping paper that fell over the edge of the stocking. I also added on another piece of scrapbook paper for the top of the stocking and wrote his name on it.

If I were to do this now that Henry’s older, he’d definitely be doing the cutting and writing his name on the top. He could do the entire activity on his own as a preschooler. But as a toddler, I helped him along a little bit.

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  1. Lisa Nolan says

    What a great idea! Must go fetch that ole wrapping paper from last year! I could use a paper bag cut out! My son still likes to do a collage now and again, he would love this! Great photos! Pinning!

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