Toddler Activity : Tissue Paper Bag

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tissue paper for baby activity

I let George loose with a paper bag full of tissue paper left over from our DIY Wrapping Paper that Henry and I made.

George explored the tissue paper for probably a good half hour.
It kept him fully entertained.

tissue paper for baby activity

What came to my surprise, was that I had an empty tub in the room (purely by accident) and George began to transfer the tissue paper from the paper bag to the tub.

Granted, not all of it made it into the tub, but you could tell he was attempting to get it there.

tissue paper for baby activity

The bag provided all sorts of entertainment itself.
Two toys in one, a paper bag and the tissue paper!

tissue paper for baby activity

George put this on all by himself.
(I did not stage this photo…)

George turned the big 1 yesterday.
The first year always tends to drag on the first couple of months, but once a baby starts moving, so does the time!

baby play
From left to right are newborn, 3 month, 6 month and 9 month snapshots.

And here George is at 1 year old.

baby play

(I know I just showed this photo in the Baby Food Jar Play post, but I couldn’t resist getting another look at that adorable face!)
Have a great weekend!
We’ll be saving the tissue paper from his party for sure!

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  1. Laura @Art For Little Hands says

    I love that first baby picture. Why oh why am I having heartaches seeing newborns. I don't want another one (I have to keep telling myself that!) He is a cutie for sure. I love that he put the bag on his head!

  2. Ellen Allard says

    Oh, this is just perfect. As an Early Childhood Music Educator, I'm always telling my students and workshop participants that babies are VERY smart. They don't need sophisticated toys that cost oodles of dollars – this is very simple and clever and just what a baby needs to feel confident, to experience success, to feel productive and to understand cause & effect. Just perfect!

  3. Toddler Approved says

    Love this! I agree with Ellen. Babies are so smart and I totally forget that sometimes… until my little one reminds me.

    George is a cutie! We'll be joining the 1 yr club in December and I can't wait. It is such a fun age!

  4. Debra says

    Apparently when I was a baby – the best way to keep me entertained was to give me lots of different colour paper and I would co-ordinate them into groups and tear them up into different shapes…. Strange, but true:)

  5. Ms Bibi says

    There is something about colorful tissue paper, ribbons, wrapping paper and boxes that keep the little one interested and occupied for hours. My youngest used to love the bows on the presents so much…

  6. Brooke @ Let Kids Create says

    What a great activity, cute little boy, and wonderful post! The bag on the head made me laugh. I know my girls have always loved getting a hold of a box of tissues, but this "on-purpose" activity is so much better. I'm so glad you linked it up to Monday Madness – it definitely made my day!

  7. E says

    As a new grandmother and an educator , I am intrigued, yet concerned. My year old grandson is still mouthing everything. How safe are the dyes in tissue paper? So many of the objects that I see on blogs don’t appear completely safe to be given to children under three. Please explain if I should be concerned or not.

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