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This post brought to you by Picture People. All opinions are 100% mine.

I absolutely dread getting family portraits, or even just the kids portraits, taken. I don’t know why… maybe its just trying to figure out what to wear… or getting everyone to smile. It just drains me.

Last weekend, the whole family headed to our local Picture People studio. I have to admit, I was a little weary going to an ‘in-the-mall’ type photography studio.

After having our family sitting, I have to say there’s something to say about ‘in-the-mall’ studios. They’re efficient, that’s for sure. They know what they’re doing. They know when they’ve got the shot they’re looking for. And by doing that they can squeeze in a lot of poses and as many clothes changes as you’d like.


I needed portraits of all three kids taken. Henry’s 5 year pictures. George’s long overdue 2 year pictures. And Louis is even up for 4 month photos (almost to the day). And plus we were needing a family portrait taken, badly! (Sorry, not showing those because I generally keep my husband out of the blog.)

No problem!

2013 Pictures-002

I also wanted some shots with just me and the boys too. As well as my husband and just the boys. As well as, a portrait of just me and my husband.

Yep. Got them all.

And it took less than an hour. Perfect. Especially when I have three boys that really aren’t cooperating.

Yeah. They weren’t cooperating in the least. Has that ever happened to you? Mine rarely cooperate when it comes to pictures. Maybe that’s why I dread them. I was dreading to see the photos. Thinking that there was no way they got any good ones. Apparently, our photographer, knew how to capture them just at the right moment. Because we got some good ones, even some smiles.

2013 Pictures-003

Here’s our experience with getting the kids pictures:

I made my appointment at Picture People studio about 2 weeks prior. They called to confirm the appointment 2 days prior. At that time they checked with me the ages of the boys as well as their names so they’d be prepared. They also asked if we would be bringing any props along (such as the quilt we used), or if we’d like any props to be used (i.e. Easter’s coming up!). She also asked us to bring any examples of poses that we’d like to do.

I then got to work figuring out what clothes to wear (I found a list of lots of color combinations that are perfect together for family pictures!) … and maybe did a little last minute shopping the day of…

When we arrived at the studio, we could change if needed and headed right into the studio. We got right down to business. The photographer asked what we had in mind, who we’d like to start with. So I left it up to the boys. Henry was in a great mood then, so we started with him. And then it went downhill…

The photographer was awesome sticking with it even though I was completely flustered and figured there was no point.

What I loved most about this whole experience with Picture People, was that within 10 minutes (ahem, our photographer said usually its only 5, but since we had uncooperative participants, it might take him longer to edit) we were viewing the portraits. I could go through and pick out any that I wanted printed right then and there.

I picked the ones of the boys, solo, to have printed as a large photo. Super awesome catch the photography made: George’s  portrait was the only one that was landscape, the other two were portrait. He made a quick switch for me and printed them all as portrait photos! So excited to put those on my wall!

Within another 10 minutes I had my  portraits of the kids and we were headed off to get pizza for dinner. Phew! Another photo sitting completed!

2013 Pictures-004

Here’s what you can do to get your kids pictures:

Picture People is a nationwide photography chain that has 140 locations (hey, if I can find one near me in rural Iowa, you can too, I’m sure!).

You can get 20% off Professional Portraits! Print out the coupon and take it to your appointment.

I’d also like to invite you to share your latest family photographs on my Facebook page! I love seeing all the cute outfits and poses!

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  1. Cerys @ Rainy Day Mum says

    They are gorgeous pictures – we’ve had pictures done each year so far but not in a professional studio instead family friends who have access to the equipment have done them.

  2. says

    Lovely pictures. Louis is just adorable. We had portraits done a few years ago and my youngest WOULD NOT stop sticking out her tongue. So, family portraits with tongue sticking out would have to do. I figure it’s a moment in time, perfectly captured. Well done.

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