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We’re discussing your Eating Battles. This week are some suggestions for healthy snacks that don’t turn into a meal. I have gathered some suggestions on Facebook as well as from one of the experts (Sarah from Füdoo Boards). The hands on experts have given their professional and personal answers to help lessen your eating battles that you have submitted.

The Hands On Experts:

Your Eating Battles:

Dinner Table Battles : How do you deal with food battles at the dinner table

  • Going Out to Eat : What tips and advice can you give to make eating out go more smoothly with a preschooler and a baby?
  • Picky Eaters :
    • My Toddler (almost 2) will not eat any meat he is getting protein at the moment through lentils, cheeses, fish and egg. At each meal we offer meat, minced, sliced, roasted etc… but it is either thrown to the dog, put in his mouth chewed and then spat out or ignored completely. Is this normal behavior? Or any ideas on getting him to eat meat?
    •  My youngest refuses to eat cheese or anything with cheese on it or try anything with cheese on it. I think I could deal with this if I knew WHY.  It happened about a year ago and he hasn’t touched anything with cheese since.
  • Healthy Snacks (The Expert’s Advice Below) : I want to give my son a healthy snack after his nap, but don’t want to turn it into meal. What is a good thing to give him?

(Do you have a question that wasn’t listed? Submit your Raising Kids is Tough questions!)

The experts each chose a couple questions to give their input on, some questions have answers from multiple experts, while others may only have one expert’s advice.

EATING BATTLES : Healthy snacks

I want to give him a healthy snack after his nap, but don’t want to turn it into meal. What is a good thing to give him? — asked by JDaniel’s Mom

This advice and helpful tips come from one of the experts:

  • Food Expert: Sarah of Füdoo Boards

Food Expert (Sarah from Füdoo Boards) :Yes – you want them to have a snack but you still want them to be hungry for dinner. The best thing to do is to put a snack together for your younger child that has a small amount of a few food groups. For example, a half a piece of whole grain bread with cream cheese and strawberries or raisins on top. An older child might need a full piece of bread with the same toppings.Once your child gets a little bit older (four years old), try making them a part of picking snack. Read “Smart Snacking for Kids”.

The key is to make sure you aren’t hanging around the kitchen after snack or your child will probably want more. An afternoon routine that works well for me is to make as many dinner preparations as possible while the children are napping. When they wake up, they have their snack. After snack, with dinner’s prep underway or in the crock pot, you are free to escape from the kitchen for some fun. Get outside and play, take a walk or bike ride or find something to do inside away from the kitchen. This way everyone is ready for dinnertime and they are once again hungry! You have just set yourself up for another successful meal.

— Sarah, Fudoo Boards

Expert Sarah is very much appreciated for giving her time on hands on : as we grow.

For any additional eating related questions that are submitted throughout the month, I’ll be posting them on the hands on : as we grow facebook page. The experts may pop in there to give their advice as well as others from the community. Those questions and answers will be shared here next Monday!

And thank you to all the readers who have submitted questions! Head over and submit your question – next month’s topic will be all about unwanted behaviors that probably embarrass you and how to nix them, or maybe they’re just normal! (All topics are welcome, we’ll get to your question in the future!)

What are your kids’ healthy go-to snacks?

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