Kid Activity: Crayon Color Sorting

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crayon kid activity

The kids and I were out shopping, actually doing it to waste time to pick up Dad.
And I came across these crayon shaped paint sample cards.

I had no plan for them, but I’ve been seeing a million ideas for sample cards lately, and thought there must be something I could do with them. It seems I’m starting to hoard things without a plan lately. Yesterday’s activity was with colored tape that I had no plan for either!

I did come up with a learning activity for the paint sample cards.
Fittingly, we sorted crayons!

kid activity with crayons

I taped the crayon shaped sample cards inside the holes of a muffin tin.
I set out our box of mixed up crayons and Henry sorted them!

We found out very soon that the color of the crayon, or the paper on the crayon is sometimes misleading.

A black crayon has a very light gray paper.
Sometimes a burnt orange crayon looks brown.
Henry learned to test his crayons before deciding what color it was.

A sneaky way for me to have him practice scribbling, drawing, writing… as well as his pencil grip! (tee hee hee)

color sorting activity with crayons

Henry went through each and every crayon we had.
Placing it in the corresponding muffin tin.

activity with crayons for kids

Henry observed that there were a lot of orange crayons!
And blues!

(We counted them then to see which had more, turns out orange did!)

A fun color learning activity, and a piece of art in the process!

crayon activity for kids

This activity is part of 35 activities to do with crayons!

What else is there to do with a box of crayons?

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