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My Mom, Henry and I planted our garden last week.

I’m curious how Henry will react when he sees the first seedlings of peas.
Or when the pumpkins are large enough to carve!
And when we can make cucumber salad with fresh, from the garden, cucumbers.

Outdoor Play : Gardening

The experience ofgrowing a garden to a preschooler has lots of possibilities.
Getting the kids involved with gardening gets them involved in their eating, too!

Kitchen Counter Chronicles shared their step by step tips
on how to plant a garden with your kids on It’s Playtime! last week.

How to Plant a Garden with your Kids

Alongside the experience of the garden itself,
you could create a scarecrow for your garden, or play in the dirt for a day.

Or after the harvest has grown, make prints with vegetables or create food faces!

These are all ways for preschoolers to play while learning how their garden grows.
There’s so much to learn from our playmates during our weekly Playtime, isn’t there?

Preschool Activity for Gardening Preschool Activity for Gardening Preschool Activity for Gardening Preschool Activity for Gardening
Play in the Dirt(Walnut Acre) Build a Scarecrow(Delivering Grace) Create Food Faces(Memetales) Make Vegetable Prints
(Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas)


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  1. RashiAtMemetales says

    Thanks a lot Jamie, for featuring my craft. And I think your idea is awesome to plant a garden with kids and its a best way to teach kids some out door activity.

  2. Melissa says

    Love the sunglasses! Gardening is such a fun way to get the kids outdoors and enjoying fresh fruit and vege. I love It's Playtime and the wonderful inspiration it provides. Thanks!

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