Halloween Pumpkins: Monster Style

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Decorate a Monster Pumpkin

When we went pumpkin picking at my brother’s, the boys couldn’t help but pick a bunch of unripe, green pumpkins.

When I asked if they’d like to decorate some pumpkins for inside, Henry said only the green ones.

So we decorated those.

And they ended up kind of monster-ish. (Really, anything can be a monster, right?)

Monster Pumpkin Features

We just used what we had on hand in our craft cupboard.

Some sticker googly eyes (affiliate link), foam stickers, and some self-adhesive gems (affiliate link).

Monster Pumpkins!

A few pom poms got glued one, and lots and lots of feathers (affiliate link) for hair and table decoration.

I set out glue in a dish with a cotton bud to swab over the pumpkin. George would have liked to paint the entire pumpkin in glue, I think!

Last year we made and entire family of pumpkin mummies that were so adorable for the season!

How have you decorated (non-carved) pumpkins?

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