A Fun Shaving Cream Activity for Hands on Learning

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This is a shaving cream activity to practice writing and learning (just about anything, shapes, sight words, spelling, math, you name it). Plus its a great sensory activity!

I’ve been a little rusty with new activities to do with the kids lately. Water has gone a long ways for us this summer. And its just them playing in it.

So when George wanted something other than a water activity, I opened my craft cupboard to see what we should do. George was standing right next to me and spotted the shaving cream front and center, ready to be used.

Okay. Sure. We’ll do shaving cream activity! Easy enough and always fun.

Toddler playing in shaving cream

So George and Louis got right into the shaving cream. Getting messy up to their elbows.

All it took was a sheet pan for each of them (I have a couple of them I bought just for activities like this from the dollar store, very similar to these I found on Amazon *affiliate link*).

Shaving cream drawing activity

Then Henry wanted in on the fun too! How could he not after seeing the other two enjoying it so much?

Henry was so proud when he smoothed the shaving cream all over the pizza pan I gave him (yes, another dollar store buy, just for activities).

Smoothed shaving cream turned out to be the perfect writing surface!

With his finger, Henry could write anything he wanted on the shaving cream surface!

Shaving cream activity to learn sight words

He was quickly writing out sight words that he could remember from the school year.

Shaving cream activity to learn sight words

Even writing out addition problems I gave him, and drew tally marks to display the answer afterwards.

A shaving cream activity & counting with tallies

Both Henry and George drew shapes (though a square was hard for George)!

Shaving cream activity - drawing shapes

It was a nice little break from our water play and even had a learning twist in it.

Though I do always hate cleaning up shaving cream… I really should have prepared with these 10 tips.

The boys cleaned up their own pans though, and of course, it lead into water play in the sink then. It kept them busy busy busy!

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