Free Play : Fabric

Yesterday’s basket of fabric scraps that George explored,
turned into some exploring from Henry, as well.
The entire basket, of course, was dumped onto the floor immediately.
fabric free play
Henry began sorting the fabric scraps by color.
At least that’s what he told me.
He was collecting the blue fabrics.
He hoarded his collection behind him.
Telling me I couldn’t have the blue, only the green and red fabric pieces.
Although he collected all sorts of colors.
fabric free play
Once the pile was sorted and Henry had hidden enough behind him…
…he wondered what to do next …
We began throwing our fabric scraps in the air like confetti!
fabric free play
There was fabric everywhere! I’m still finding pieces.
I had quite a few fabric scraps that were very long and skinny,
reminding me of crepe paper streamers.
Henry grabbed me a plastic play link and I tied fabric around it.
fabric free play
Henry ran and ran with his streamers,
making circles around the house and super fast mode.
fabric streamers
Definitely burning some energy off!
I made a shorter version of the streamer for George.
I hung it on his stroller so he could explore fabric on the go!

Tinkerlab created a collage of fabric scraps. 
This is on my list to do with our fabric scraps, 
just waiting for the right moment for Henry to be in the right mood!

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