Exploring Baby Food

Last week on It’s Playtime! I featured some baby things to do.
The pudding fingerpaint [from Girl in Airstuck in my mind.
A friend of mine commented on Facebook about using baby food, too!

That’s just what I did.
George was fussy one afternoon while Henry was napping.
After failing all attempts to make him happy [feeding, diaper, napping]
I strapped him in his high chair and poured some leftover peaches on the tray.

I was having a snack, so I crumbled some muffin on the tray as well.

Crying instantly stopped!
George squished, smeared and smashed the food.
Exploring the textures with his fingers and hands for the next 20-30 minutes!

Eventually, his fingers found their way to his mouth and face.

Needless to say, he needed a full clothing change.
But it was well worth the mess!


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  1. Mama Pea Pod says

    :-) Very cute! Unfortunately, we have baby food painting at every meal in our house! It becomes less cute then. :-S

  2. Jackie H. says

    Aww, so sweet. we have the same high chair. Actually HAD, Ty figured out how to get out of the buckles (Or had help from his big brother). I came in one day to find big brother sitting in the high chair, little brother sitting ON the tray of the high chair. We went to a booster seat after that :)
    I love your idea of finger painting with food. I recently read in a book (not sure which one) that smearing food is a child's earliest attempt at "writing"!!

  3. Art For Little Hands says

    So fun! Great that you were able to help him be happy by letting himself explore something. He was probably just bored so he was fussy. I love that he got to explore and you didn't worry about the mess. Kids need that!

    Thanks for sharing at my link party and thanks for the shout out on facebook!

  4. Ms. Jessi says

    How fun! As soon as my little guy is able (he's 5 months), we are doing this!! Especially during those cranky times! :)

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