Coin Toss Game for Teaching Kids about Money

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I am excited for two things today!

First, to introduce you to a new contributor here (okay, she’s not entirely new, she already shared 15 superhero activities for kids!), Jillian of A Mom with a Lesson Plan!

Second, she’s going to be giving you an awesome idea for teaching kids about money because we’re partnering with to help share and easy way to save for college (affiliate link)!

I always try to reinforce what the kids are learning at school by providing learning activities and books that match. My daughter’s school is teaching the kids about money right now.

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Coin Toss Game for teaching kids about money

Teaching kids about money with a simple coin toss game:

I had my daughter sit back a bit and toss the coins into the hoop one at a time. She was little too close at first. Having her scoot back added a bit of a challenge and made it more fun.

Coin Toss Game for teaching kids about money

Coin Toss Game for teaching kids about money

Coin Toss Game for Younger Kids

  • For younger kids shout out the name of the coin as they make it in the ring. “In goes a quarter!” “A dime has joined the ring!”
  • Sort the coins that made it into the circle.
  • Talk about the size and colors of the coins. What are the similarities and difference between them?

Coin Toss Game for teaching kids about money

Coin Toss Game for Older Kids

  • Work together to add up the amount of change that made it inside the ring. Show your kids different ways to make a dollar.
  • For kids who love writing (like mine) this is a great opportunity to practice writing out the amount in different ways.
  • Take it one step further and talk about what you could buy with that amount.

More on teaching kids about money

  • This coin toss game is a great way to start a conversation about money no matter how old your kids are. Even young kids can start to understand the difference between a need and a want. There is nothing wrong with wanting things and understanding how to save for those wants will help kids learn about money.
  • If your kids have family responsibilities try helping them reach their savings goal by paying out for some chores on their chore lists.
  • Help kids understand tax and shipping by including them in the price of what they are saving for. We look online and head all the way to check out before making note of what they are saving for. With the kids can find what they are looking for from hundreds of online retail shops like Target, Lego (a favorite at our house) and Build-A-Bear Workshop®. While they are learning how to save and shop they will also be saving money for college (affiliate link). How cool is that?

More on Upromise

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