Baby Busy Play: Pots & Pans

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Awhile back, I posted about a cause and effect activity for some learning baby play, while knocking over block towers.

This time, George made some noise!
I got out the pots and pans and a few utensils.

Toddler Activity: Pots & Pans

George set out to explore these new objects.
He did hit the pots to hear their noise a little, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I anticipated.

Baby Activity: Pots & Pans

Not only do I find this simple activity super fast to put togehter (these are items readily available and absolutely no prep is required), but I love the most is that the child is in charge.

There’s no batteries involved.
George explores the objects and learns about them all on his own.

I received a comment on the Block Towers post regarding these non-battery toys that I find necessary to share:

“(…) Many electronic toys that purport to teach music or the alphabet actually just make noise every time the child touches it. This teaches nothing (…)” – DaddyNumberOne

The simple toys are often the most straight forward and obvious items, like these pots and pans, or blocks, or even baby food!

Your child has so much to learn from the simplest of things.
Don’t make it complicated.

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