Baby Activity: Fabric Scraps

A new sensory item for George is a tub of fabric scraps!

baby play: fabric scraps

I’ve had these in the cupboard for years, not being able to bring myself to throw them out, but not knowing what else to do with them either.

I brought them out one morning for George to explore.

I put a selection of the fabric scraps in an old wipes container.

baby play: fabric scraps

George felt the fabric between his hands, exploring how it felt, and even tasted it.

I shut the lid to the container and pulled out a bit of the fabric for George to pull.

Fabric busy play for babies

He pulled fabric out, one scrap after another.

Not quite getting every last piece of fabric, but he was able to pull out most of it.

He also tried closing the lid, over and over.

The latch was broken, so it wouldn’t stay shut, bringing some frustration.

baby play: fabric scraps

Then it was back to the fabric again.

I have so many fabric scraps on hand, I wonder what can be done with them.

Do you have activity ideas for fabric?

George is 8 months old.


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  1. Melissa says

    I love this idea – especially using the wipe container as well! My little one loves to play with textiles too! Her favourite activity at the moment is pulling out all the tea towels and tablecloths from the bottom drawer in the kitchen.

  2. Rashmie @ MommyLabs says

    I love this idea. Soft, colourful, full of textures – this can be a delightful play for the kiddo.. :)

  3. Steph @ MomKaboodle says

    What a fabulous idea! Sure beats them pulling out ALL of the tissues….or baby wipes…(not that I'm speaking from experience or anything….rofl!)

    • Jamie says

      No way!! That’s too awesome! Any other kids planned?! :) I need ideas for more names that go with them. My husband has been worried since we had George that we can’t have another boy ever – he’s out of name ideas!

      • British American says

        Hehe, well I should mention that we already have three kids. Our daughter is 6½ and her name is Rose. :)

        A 4th baby probably isn’t on the cards :( but I am obsessed with names so I have already thought about what I’d name a third boy. I really like Fred/Frederick, but I used that up as George’s middle name. (George was my husband’s top pick. Henry was mine.) It is a tough pair to follow and I would feel the need to pick a name that could also be preceded by “King”! :P So I actually really like Arthur. (Not sure if I could get hubby to agree to that one, but that’s what I’d name an imaginary 3rd boy right now.)

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