Baby Play : Baby Food Jars

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baby food jar activity

Baby food jars and lids.
Simple entertainment for a baby.
And it’s something almost every mom has on hand.

Henry asked to get these his ‘grain bins’ back out and George can’t stop playing with them.
(Henry hasn’t been the happiest about that either.)

baby food jar activity
Ignore the numbers on the jars and lids, those were for counting for Henry, I’m not about to try to teach my one year old numbers and sequencing.

George thoroughly was entertained by putting the lids on and taking them off.
Although he never really successfully did it, he attempted it over and over.

I had shown him a couple of jars stacked up as well, because, of course, knocking them down would be fun too.

But instead, George tried to replicate me stacking them up himself!

baby food jar activity

I also placed a few small toys in each jar.
(With close supervision, of course.)

Some jars, I closed (loosely), while others I let remain open for George to dig the toys out.

baby food jar activity

He continued to explore the jars and lids, as well as the toys he found inside.

baby food jar activity

Baby exploration.
I almost can’t call him a baby anymore.
George is turning one next week already.

baby food jar activity

Isn’t he the best looking one year old on the block?

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  1. E Mama says

    I like the idea of this, but definitely wanted to mention that my daughter is a “smasher/banger” and she slammed two baby food jars together while playing with them–the the glass broke all over her lap :/ Just wanted to warn anyone who’s child happens to love smashing things together as much as mine does.

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