12 Things I Gotta Do Before the Baby Arrives!

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I’m finally to the point of counting down the weeks left in this third pregnancy. 5 weeks and counting. (Take a stab at guessing when the baby will get here!)

And reality kind of hit over the weekend that I’m not at all prepared for the baby to actually be here. My husband was diligently working on getting George’s new big boy bedroom ready for the most part of my pregnancy. Now its ready, and George is moved in to it.

Leaving his old room empty… and ready for baby.

Which means I have nothing holding me back from being prepared for this baby to arrive.

I started with one of the obvious things. I went through all the baby clothes that have been stored in the attic. Remembering as I went through the clothes of how each of the boys both wore them. And wondering if this baby will be a boy and wear them as well.

As the tubs of baby stuff came out of the attic, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with the stuff that I had to have ready in time for the baby! I started making a mental checklist, but I’m writing it out now for my own sake, but also for any of you that are adding onto your family too!

12 Things to Do Before Baby Arrives

My checklist: 12 things to do before the baby arrives!

    1. Get baby clothes out, washed with Dreft laundry detergent, and put away nicely and neatly (it may be the only time they are organized!). And don’t forget receiving blankets, baby bibs, changing table covers and so on!
    2. A continuation from the previous one, don’t just get out newborn clothes, have the next size ready as well, and maybe even the one after that. (For me personally, I have two tubs of ‘boy’ clothes ready in the next two sizes.)
    3. Sanitize baby bottles and nipples. (I’m formula feeding, but also applies to pumping supplies.)
    4. Clean and dust off all the big stuff that we put away after the baby phase, like the swing, bouncy chair, high chair and so on. (Wash what I can in the laundry. A friend, that unfortunately dealt with vomit on a daily basis, has told me that everything comes apart and can be washed!)
    5. Stock up on baby supplies! Diapers (not just newborn size), wipes (I’ll use them for a long time, I might as well have them available), nursing pads… and so on.
    6. Check baby’s medicine cabinet! Its been a while since we’ve used baby medicine. I gotta check to see if we have baby Tylenol, as well as diaper rash ointment, baby thermometer, and so on.
    7. Go shopping for baby outfit to come home in. One girl one, one boy one.
    8. Get presents for baby from both big brothers, and vice versa, have something for the big brothers from the baby!
    9. Buy a baby memory book and fill it out as much as possible before the baby arrives. And have it with me at the hospital to fill out when the baby does come, when I’m still full of the memories!
    10. On that note, pack the hospital bag!
    11. And have the car seat ready too. Is it outdated?
    12. Get the crib put back together as a crib! (It’s currently in its toddler stage.)

As I was throwing the newborn clothes into the laundry, I came across this Halloween onesie that I got for George in two sizes, newborn and 3-6 months. He wore the 3-6 months one, this baby, if its born before Halloween that is, will most definitely be in the newborn outfit! I’m so excited that I have it on hand!

Halloween Outfit for Baby!

What am I missing? I know there’s something big!

What do I need to have done before the baby arrives?

Whether you’re a first timer or the greatest, grandest mother of them all, there’s one thing moms have agreed on for over 75 years- Dreft makes your little one’s fabric feel as clean and soft as can be.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Dreft. As a part of this program I received the product, the opinions and text are all mine.

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