Samples for Weekly Activities Planner

After requests to share with you my upcoming activities for the week, I decided to make a few standard weekly activities planners filled with our activities and supplies lists.

Don’t have the kids activities planner? Get it here free and use it week after week.

I will be sharing several sample activities planners in the weeks to come. These will be very generic, not on any certain topic. I will plan it like I plan my own activities for the week. Trying to include a little bit of everything.

In each week for the activities planners, I try to include:

Of course, there are weeks that don’t lend to doing all of those. Rain can play a major factor in the plan and it may be all indoor activities for the week. And my mood makes a major difference in whether the activities actually get done.

4 weeks of activities planned out to do with the kids

But first, I want to start with these general plans for the week.

If you have a request for a particular ‘topic’ for a week of activities, please let me know. [For example, you have a toddler and a big kid and want to know what you can do with both of them, or if you have a baby and you need activities for under 1 year olds, or if you’re stuck inside due to hot  or extremely cold weather].

Slowly, I’m adding more specific topics for a week of activities that you can find here.

5 weeks of activities ebook-20150223-8

Our eBook of 5 weekly plans of activities are perfect for 3 to 6 year olds. Fun ways to get the kids moving, work on fine motor, do arts and craft projects and have fun as a family! Includes 5 printable weeks of fun activities planned out for every day of the week.