Outdoor Play : Balance Beam


A backyard balance beam is super simple!

Grab some scrap wood from the garage or shop and lay out in the lawn.

[If you have clean boards, bring it inside for an indoor walk the plank activity, an idea from No Time For Flash Cards.]

Homemade Balance Beam Activity

Add corners where you like, make a maze if you please.

[Or one simple piece of board is enough, too.]

Set up is as simple as that.

Even more simple: the activity.

Walk the line!

Walk your way across the boards, and learn a very important physical skill.


Learn to balance along the beam

I think this balancing practice might do Henry a lot of good in preparing for a real bicycle! What do you think?

What other ways are there to practice balance?

Henry is 3 years old.

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  1. Brenna says

    Learning to balance on wood blocks takes practice and is a great way to learn. We set up a balance beam last week during our Circus week. One balance beam was wood blocks; another was a tape line on the floor. It took much more work and concentration on the block beam.

  2. Michelle Breum says

    My kids like to make teeter totters out of our extra boards. The balance beam maze idea looks like fun.

  3. Kristy says

    This is going on our To-Do Immediately list. I like the wood blocks idea, too, Brenna, in case I can't find the right types of boards!

    We do an indoor balance beam/walking path with those colored foam craft squares you can buy at most grocery, drug, and craft stores.

    I linked to this post on my Camp Backyard post. :)

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