No Carve Pumpkin Decorating: Mr. Pumpkin Man

I’m always on the lookout for no carve pumpkin decorating ideas. I got a pretty good start with our 40 pumpkin activities for kids, but its so fun to come up with new ideas still!

Why not a pumpkin snowman, or a pumpkin man?

And I’ve loved Tutus and Tea Parties Mr. Potato Head as a no carve pumpkin decorating idea that I’ve seen floating around, so we merged the two and made a Mr. Pumpkin Man.

It’s a no carve pumpkin decorating idea great for kids!

No Carve Pumpkin Decorating: Mr. Pumpkin Man

I got the boys a tie from our sponsor,, it’s an awesome new flash deal site I found, and Mr. Pumpkin Man was just begging to wear it!

You’ll need that and 3 pumpkins, in three sizes, as well as a Mr. Potato Head set. [We have a 3-in-1 Mr. Potato Head set, so some of the parts are bigger and perfect for this use!]

To make Mr. Pumpkin Man stand up, I enlisted the help of my husband, after I failed to get them to stack up on my own. I tried cutting off the stems, but my pumpkins just wouldn’t balance on each other.

He pounded a wooden rod through the pumpkins to hold them in place. And had to slice a little bit off the top of one to get them to sit straight.

Making Mr. Pumpkin Man

Before placing the top pumpkin on, I slipped the kid’s tie around the rod. It has a cool band that stretches to go around the collar of a shirt so it stays in place and is easy to put on a kid.

How to make a Mr. Pumpkin Man

Lastly, before letting George decide the face for the pumpkin, it needed some holes to stick the Mr. Potato Head pieces in.

My husband just used a hammer and nail to do that.

Three in the front for the eyes, nose and mouth and one on each side for the ears.

Mr Pumpkin Man, a no carve pumpkin decorating idea

Then its time for the kids to have fun!

George stuck the parts in and made all kinds of faces for Mr. Pumpkin Man!

Give Mr. Pumpkin Man a face

He really liked the ‘scary’ one he made with the angry eyes.

Mr. Pumpkin Man is a fun no carve decorating idea for kids!

Or with his tongue sticking out.

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George is 3 years old.

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