Cookie Cutter Painting for Valentine’s Day

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A simple way to get creative for Valentine’s Day, especially great for toddlers, is with a heart shaped cookie cutter painting activity!

It can get a bit messy, but no messier than any painting activity really!

Cookie Cutter Painting for Valentine's Day

I grabbed these heart shaped cookie cutters on clearance last year after Valentine’s Day just for this purpose! We’ve borrowed them from the bakery in the past for heart shaped bird feeders, but that was edible stuff and I didn’t quite feel comfortable putting paint on something that belongs at the bakery.

George and I have been having so much fun painting for Valentine’s Day, just wait until you see all that we’ve done! We’ll keep you busy this week for sure!

I definitely like abstract pieces of art, Henry had made a heart painting too by stamping with a toilet paper tube. This cookie cutter painting is another version of that, just using, of course, cookie cutters!

Cookie Cutter Painting for Valentine's Day

Grab some red, pink, white, purple, whatever colors of paint that make you think “Valentine’s”. George used red paint.

I squirted some in a shallow pan and spread it around quick so that the cookie cutter would get completely covered with paint when George dipped it.

Cookie Cutter Painting for Valentine's Day

George probably enjoyed dipping the cutters in the paint more than he did stamping it on the paper. As long as he had fun, it doesn’t matter to me what part he liked best!

And it still turned out awesome and so pretty to display for Valentine’s Day!

I think a heart is George’s first shape that he recognizes. I think all the Valentine’s Day art and craft projects have started to have an affect on him!

Cookie Cutter Painting for Valentine's Day

So simple and yet so pretty. Those are my favorite art projects to do, especially with a toddler.

Check out all our other Valentine’s Day Activities, we’ll be adding to them all week long!

What other shapes should I get for more cookie cutter paintings?

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