Bird Feeder Craft Great for Fine Motor Skills

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Back to the basics again. I’ve been loving keeping it simple here lately. This is a classic bird feeder craft using Cheerios, or other ring-shaped cereal, and pipe cleaners.

This was great fine motor practice, and a great busy activity, for George to do.

I scooped out a dish of Cheerios and handed George a few pipe cleaners to choose from.

He started threading the Cheerios onto a pipe cleaner.

Threaded bird feeder craft

They stayed on for the most part, but sometimes when he went to push the next one on, he would pull it onto the pipe cleaner too far and they’d all slid off.

I fixed that by bending the end of the pipe cleaner over to make an L and he didn’t have any problems after that.

Threaded bird feeder craft

It kept him busy for a little while to fill up the entire pipe cleaner.

Fully threaded bird feeder craft George made

I honestly thought he’d do 3 or 4 Cheerios and call it good. But he didn’t. He kept right at it until it was plum full. I actually had to take a couple of them off so that I could twist the ends together.

That’s all I did to finish it off. I twisted the ends of the pipe cleaner together and then tied a string around the bird feeder to hang it on our porch for the birds to eat.

Classic bird feeder craft great for fine motor skills

This was way simpler to do than the previous bird feeder we did. Although that one was pretty quick to do too! (And probably yummier for the birds to eat!)

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What other bird feeder craft variations have you done?

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