Ball Activities

Fun and learning activities for toddlers and preschoolers you can play with a ball!

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Simple Obstacle Course for Crawlers

Louis is mobile now and almost walking, so he’s crawling like a maniac, and stairs are not an obstacle anymore…so its time to have some fun! Creating an obstacle course seems kind of crazy to do with a baby… but it really isn’t! It’s a great way for babies to work on their already building gross […]


Learning Shapes with a Ball for Toddlers

This is a fun shape learning activity for toddlers, that George kept asking to come back to and play all day. I taped a bunch of shapes onto the floor in an area. I didn’t really pay attention to where I put them, or in any certain order [mostly because I didn't have a plan […]

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Easy Activity: Pop Bottle Bowling

  Bowling is fun for all ages! Even the littlest kids can get a kick out of it just by watching you knock down the pins! Indoor bowling can be done on a whim so easily! Just take a look around your house for something to stand up as the pins. Do you have paper towels? […]

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Preschooler Game: Alphabet Ball

Welcome Carolyn of The Pleasantest Thing! Carolyn’s sharing an activity that fits right in on hands on : as we grow! An educational activity, that’s all about movement! Keep moving forward this summer, right?   My four year old is in the pre-reading stage where he likes to ask how to spell words, and “what letter does [insert […]