Simple Baby Activities to Do This Week

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A simple, but fun, week of baby activities!

After sharing the four general weekly planners with my incredible newsletter subscribers, I asked if they had any suggestions for new weekly planners.

By far, everyone wants to know what to do with their one year old, so I shared a week of activities for one year olds last week.

And then there’s baby activities. Everyone wants to know what to do with their baby! Especially if they have older kids, they need to entertain the little ones while they do activities with the big kids!

Baby activities are very simple in nature. They can’t be complicated, just because of the ability of babies.

Most the time I try to include the following in each week for the activities planners:

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I tried my best to include them all for baby activities, but couldn’t quite get into the crafts and experiments.

Plan a week of baby activities to do

Monday: Texture Sensory Wall

What’s needed:

  • pieces of colored paper
  • clear contact paper
  • photos, ribbons, pom poms, etc
  • scissors
  • tape
  • a basket

Click to see how to make your own texture sensory wall for babies

Tuesday: Paint with baby food and trucks!

What’s needed:

  • baby food
  • paper
  • trucks, cars, other toys with wheels

Click to see how we made paint for babies

Wednesday: Obstacle course for crawlers

What’s needed:

  • couch cushions or pillows
  • a ball or other toy to chase after

Click to see how to make an obstacle course for crawlers

Thursday: Explore baby food jars

What’s needed:

  • baby food jars and lids
  • small enough objects to fit in the jar (keep an eye on the baby, or make sure objects are big enough for the baby)

Click to see how to explore with baby food jars

Friday: Knock Down the Towers of Blocks

What’s needed:

  • Blocks

Click to see it an activity to knock down blocks

Saturday: Explore a bag of tissue paper, wrapping paper, or newspaper

What’s needed:

  • Paper bag
  • tissue paper, wrapping paper, newspaper

Click to see how to explore tissue paper

Sunday: Family Day! Collect leaves in the park!

For many more baby activities, try browsing the activities we did when the kids were 6-12 months old.

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