Play Dough Noodle Threading Activity

Playdough is still Henry’s favorite go-to activity.

In need of new ideas for activities, I posted a discussion on the we teach : bodies to move board to link up your favorite fine motor skills activity. Nicole [The Activity Mom] linked up her Spaghetti Noodle Lacing activity that caught my eye.

To start, I made a few playdough balls and lined them up in a row.
Mentioning the pattern [yellow-green-yellow] as I went along.

I asked along the way, ‘What color of playdough comes next? Sometimes Henry guessed right, but it was just a guess.

Next came the dry spaghetti noodles. Henry carefully lined them up without breaking them. Using cheerios and hollow noodles, Henry threaded the spaghetti with a tower of treats!

Another chance for a pattern lesson [noodle-cheerio-noodle].

The patterning hasn’t caught on, just more exposure to it.

Eventually, the noodles were plowed over with Henry’s tractor. This proved to be the most fun!

What are your favorite activities that engage fine motor skills?
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  1. Deborah says

    I love how you can put the short pasta right over the spaghetti. This is a terrific fine motor and play idea!

  2. Jackie H. says

    What an awesome idea. I love that it not only practices those fine motor finger movements but it also exercises those shoulder muscles as he reaches up to put on the noodles/cheerios. We're having spag. for supper tonight. Guess what the 3 yo will be doing while I cook?

  3. The Activity Mom says

    Thanks for the link =). Love the patterning along with the fine motor skills! The tractor made me smile. =)

  4. OneMommy says

    Oh I like it! My daughter needs to start threading things and with Cheerios at least if they get eaten by the dog her baby brother it will be okay!

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