Getting to Sleep after Daylight Savings Time

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The start of Daylight Savings Time in the Spring is usually never a big deal in this house. In fact, I actually look forward to it. It brings me (at most) two days of sleeping in until 7am instead of the usual 6am. Yay!

Henry’s really good about the time change. We put him to bed at the regular time (we don’t adjust anything because of Daylight Savings Time, its 8pm, its bedtime). Henry may still chat away in his room for the next hour, but he’s in bed and knows its bedtime (chatting for an hour to himself, or Blue Dog, isn’t unusual anyway).

This year though… George on the other hand…. has been fighting sleep every night. Screaming at bedtime (not normal)…

I’m trying my best to just be as consistent as usual. Keeping our bedtime routine much the same as it usually it. For George that ends with milk, brush teeth, water and a book, and bedtime. I think I’ll add a little extra snuggle time in, especially on nights like these.

Other Daylight Savings Time tips I’ve used:

  1. Start by putting them to bed earlier (incrementally the few days before time changes).
  2. Wear them out the day after the time changes… think “no naps” that day.
  3. Stay consistent to our normal routine. Let the time fluctuate, if needed, for a few days.
  4. Let them stay up later for a few days if I can. Enjoy the extra sleep in the morning.
  5. Don’t worry about it at all… they’ll adjust in time.
  6. Check out A Mom with a Lesson Plan’s new Mommy Fun Fact #15: A Better Bedtime. She let’s you in on a slick secret to your kids deciding about bedtime.

How do you deal with bedtime battles in your house?
(especially after Daylight Savings Time)

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