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Friendship, a Flag, and Toddler Activities Galore

This week’s activities, clockwise from top-left. 4th of July! Already? Yep its this week! Get in the spirit with a giant flag, learn patterns and practice counting too! Struggles with toddler activities are quite common, and being creative with them is even tougher. Hence, the 30 creative toddler craft and art projects for inspiration! It’s […]


Pouring Water: Toddler Activity

Pouring water for drinks! A simple life skill to learn, but how do they learn it? With practice! Take it outside while they learn it. Once they become more precise, bring it inside to the dinner table. Its been super hot here, so playing outside has been minimal. But I thought with some water we […]


Making Friends on It’s Playtime!

Henry and Blue Dog are best friends. They have been for quite some time now. It makes me wonder how long he’ll keep his stuffed animal friend… Even though Blue is just a stuffed animal, he gets treated like a real friend. Blue is sad if I don’t say goodnight to him. Blue gets excited […]


30 Creative Toddler Craft & Art Projects

I mentioned a while back that toddler activities are the hardest for me to come up with. To make it even more specific, toddler activities that are creative activities, like art or crafts for toddlers, are that much harder! Why is it so hard at this age? They generally like everything right? Yeah… But toddlers […]

Make your own American Flag Activity for Kids

Make Your Own [Life-Size] American Flag

  The American Flag is awesome for learning! There’s patterning, there’s counting to be had, working on fine motor skills, and I even thought measuring could be mixed into this activity, but I didn’t push that one. I grabbed our American Flag as it got taken down off our porch last year because of the […]


Mud, Flowers, Rainbows… and Animals?

[left-right from top-left] Getting good and dirty with some mud. Making prints and tracks in the mud with all sorts of things! Starching coffee filters to give them a 3D effect! This spray starch is so cool to use on crafts! I can’t wait to come up with something else to use it for! Going […]