A Window Fall Tree Craft for Toddlers

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Of course, after George did the apple tree craft, he wants to do another one.

He goes in these streaks a lot. Often its with water activities… but he does it with painting a lot too.

This time its apple trees.

I usually try to switch it up a little so we don’t get bored, and hopefully to get him interested in another aspect or technique. But repetition is great for young kids.

So we made another fall tree craft. This time on the window!

A Window Fall Tree Craft for Toddlers

This time we used contact paper and we made it a (very large) suncatcher window decoration!

With a piece of contact paper on the table, sticky side up (and taped down around the edge), George got busy making a collage with fall colored stuff. (Stuff means whatever I can find… this time it was yarn, tissue paper, scrap piece of paper, and glitter of course, all in greens, reds, yellows and oranges.)

contact paper collage

He ripped and cut. Mostly cut because he’s a scissors fan.

The yarn was fun for him to cut (I remember when Henry had so much troubles with cutting yarn… didn’t seem to bug George at all. Oh, how they differ.)

cutting yarn

It took awhile, but when we finally had the piece of contact paper pretty full and George was done, I topped it with another piece of contact paper to sandwich all the stuff inside.

With this kind of collage, its great to have gaps so it sticks together better. Also, adding glitter makes it hard to stick, so if you really want it to stick well, skip the glitter.

fall tree craft collage

I cut very simple leaf shapes out of the sandwiched collage. Very simple. (No oak or maple leaves here… just simple leaves!)

I also cut a tree trunk out of two pieces of brown scrapbook paper and taped them on our window in the play room.

a window fall tree craft

The boys then took turns adding a leaf to the tree with a piece of scotch tape (wow, kids get really excited about piece of tape)!

To be completely honest, this took several days to add the leaves because my kids don’t take turns very well… and well, there was a lot of fighting involved. So we stopped in the middle of it, several times.

But now we have a fun fall tree to have on the window for my favorite season!


Need more inspiration for fall tree crafts for the window? Check out my Pinterest board dedicated to just stuff for windows! Its one of my favorite Pinterest boards I have!

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