5 Reasons Why You SHOULD Let Your Kids Watch TV

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I know I’m going to get a lot of flak for having that title.

But I like the combination of technology and kids.

I refuse to feel guilty for letting my kids watch TV, or TV programs on other screens, such as our sponsor Kidoodle.TV.

I’m not sure how many times I’ve heard or read in the last 6 years of being a parent that my kids should not watch TV, and how terrible it is for my kids. All the damage it will do to them. And that they should especially not watch TV before 2 years old. Let’s be realistic. Parenting is hard. Very hard.

Why you should let your kids watch TV - 5 good reasons

I’m not here to say all that research is wrong, because I have done absolutely zero research on the topic. I’m just here to say, it’s okay. Stop the self doubting. The guilt.

If you’re here reading hands on : as we grow, you’re probably already spending loads of time with your kids. You’re doing activities with them, being hands on with them.

So don’t feel like the worst parent in the world when you plop your kids in front of the TV so you can finish a deadline, or just stay sane at that moment.

I’m not saying to plant them there for the day and you go get a pedicure.

But I do believe that TV is okay every once in a while and isn’t all that bad.

Why it’s okay for your kid to watch TV every once in a while and how to make the most of it when they do.

  • Educational programming really is really educational, believe it or not. Be selective in the programming they watch! A Mom with a Lesson Plan has 5 educational programs that make her feel okay with TV.
  • This is a tech world. It’s their future in some capacity or another. Being familiar with how iPads, computers and other tech works will be to their advantage. Incorporate activities with technology.
  • Introduce topics and other things that they wouldn’t normally get to experience. And then talk about it or explore it more with activities.
  • Yes, activities! Just like you see so many book and activity pairings, educational TV episodes like those you find on Kidoodle.TV can easily be paired with an activity to let them really grasp a concept that might be harder to do without seeing it first.
  • They won’t be ruined for life. And it can help you stay sane. Be prepared with what you need to get done and really use the time effectively so that when TV time is up, you’re ready for focused kid time.

 Need more reasons? I loved these 8 reasons to let your kids watch TV from The Stir. And I love this read at The Huffington Post about why TV really isn’t so terrible.

 Watching Kidoodle TV - 5 reasons why its okay to let your kids watch TV

Kidoodle.TV is a new service to me; it’s an ad-free streaming service (only $4.99 a month), and I’ve found it pretty impressive. It’s much like other TV service subscribers, but made entirely for kids, with the kid in mind.

It has only safe, kid-friendly content. Even better is that it has age appropriate content.

If they’re 3 years old, you set their profile to 3 years old and they won’t be able to choose episodes that are more fitting for 8 year olds. Because there’s a big difference in programming between those ages!

What I’m loving most so far is that it has built in time limits. So when you say 20 minutes is all the TV time you get today, you can mean it and stick to it with absolutely no budging. That’s easy. When they complain, you can blame it on the TV, it knows what to do and you said 20 minutes.

Kidoodle.TV is accessible! Kids can watch from most Internet-connected devices, including iPad, Mac, PC, laptops, tablets, and smartphones (Android and iOS), and will be expanding to gaming consoles, smart TVs and other devices. A password-protected account allows the user access to content from multiple locations.

Watching Kidoodle TV - 5 reasons why its okay to let your kids watch TV

And I just want to add to my reasons.  My kids are smart. Really smart kids. No, television didn’t make them that way. The episodes they watched didn’t make them that way. They’re just smart kids. And we do tons of learning activities to help out. All I’m saying is that the TV hasn’t made them stupid.

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    My son has a ps3 in his room (3 years old) its my fiancee but he now plays his xbox and my son can pretty well work what he needs on his own as turning on a movie

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