What to do on Vacations with the Kids

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Today’s post as fun ideas of what to do on vacation with the kids shared by Katherine Link as sponsored content provided by Nationwide Insurance.

Summer is a great time to plan a trip, regardless of what season you actually intend to travel. While the kids are on break, talk to them about where they’d like to vacation next, and ask friends and family for travel ideas, too. If you book early, you might even save a little money.

To help you get started, here are a few fun activities and travel ideas for vacationing with kids as a family, no matter what time of year.


Vacationing with Kids: Year-Round Travel Ideas

Summertime! Warm Weather Activities:

  • Amusement park: Whether it’s conquering one of the nation’s greatest thrill rides or winning a stuffed animal from a ring toss, there are plenty of games and attractions for both thrill-seekers and visitors who prefer to keep their feet on the ground. Get some great tips for visiting amusement parks with kids from Carrie Elle.
  • Tropical beach: If your family is all about fun in the sun, hit the beach where you can go for a dip in the ocean and build a sandcastle. Beach vacations are great because they don’t involve much planning. Just sit back, relax and enjoy your surroundings. For some fun ideas for the kids, here’s 20 summer beach activities for the kids from Spoonful.
  • National park: Explore the tranquility of the great outdoors when you visit a national park. Plan to stay in a cabin or yurt to get the full effect. Need ideas of what to do at a National Park with the kids? Sister Shopping on a Shoestring has some ideas, along with tips to make it enjoyable!
  • Outdoor festival: Find a food or music festival and dive into a cultural experience your family won’t forget. Many festivals have activities specifically for kids to enjoy, like face-painting or craft tables.

Wintertime! Cold Weather Activities:

  • Anything indoor, such as children’s museums and aquariums (always big hits with younger kids).
  • Ski resort: From bunny hills to black diamond trails, ski resorts have courses for skiers of all ages and skill levels. It would be a fun way to learn a new skill together too! In the evening, unwind at the lodge where you can get warm by the fireplace with some hot cocoa and board games together as a family! Bonus: Check out ski resorts in the summertime too!
  • Snowmobiling: Add some adventure to your trip and take the family snowmobiling. Sign up for a scenic tour of the resort or go for a leisurely cruise with the kids. Just make sure you have a trained professional by your side to keep your family safe. Learn some tips to take the kids snowmobiling from Two Kids and a Map.
  • Ice skating: Lace up your skates and take them for a spin. Ice skating is a great way to get the family into the winter spirit. Many cities create outdoor public ice skating rinks during the winter, like the classic Woolman Rink located in Central Park, to make it convenient for families visiting the city to stop by. Here’s some tips to teach young kids to ice skate from Jersey Family Fun.
  • Musical theater or play: If spending time out in the cold doesn’t appeal to your family, stay warm inside while enjoying a musical or play. If you’re traveling to a larger city, chances are they have a playhouse that’s constantly rotating a variety of theatrical performances. If not, grab a local newspaper or search online to find a local theater company.

As you start planning, keep in mind that choosing a location just a few hours from home can save a lot of money on travel expenses, especially when you’re vacationing with kids. If you’re opting to drive instead of fly for your next trip, make sure you have the insurance coverage you’ll need. While you’re online searching for a national park or musical, you might also want to take a look at a few car insurance quotes to see if you’re getting the right coverage for your family.

Katherine Link has experience writing and editing for the web. She holds bachelor’s degrees in Journalism and Business. Currently based in Cleveland, Katherine enjoys baking, traveling and spending time with her family.

Note: Sponsored content was created and provided by Nationwide Insurance.

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  1. Karen Chase says

    Awesome ideas! I’ll have to share these with my husband. We decided to go to an indoor water park resort for a weekend with our children (6 and 7 years old) and it was a blast. I never would have thought to do it until a friend recommended it to me. I love your idea of going to a National Park, it’s good to get the kids outside! Thanks for sharing.

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