Water Experiment: Find Out What Absorbs Water!

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We’ve done a water experiment that focuses on what dissolves in the past… but I never thought to focus on what absorbs until I saw a post from Amanda of Not Just Cute in the Camp Mom: Summer Activities Pack.

I think the materials that Amanda uses are probably better materials to explain the concept of  ‘what absorbs’. But we decided to use materials from nature instead.

I sent the boys on a hunt for several objects from around the yard to fill up a muffin tin. I had to give them ideas of what to look for. George was happy to put in several rocks in his tin… in several spaces.

Water Experiment: Find Out What Absorbs Water!

We collected rocks, grass, sticks, mud (it recently rained), sand, dry grass, flowers, pin cones, leaves and even dead dandelions.

Once we had a good assortment of nature objects, I gave the boys a glass of water to fill their muffin tins.

I didn’t expect them to understand what absorbing means. So I spun it a little differently by asking them a question.

“Do you notice if it changes when you pour water on it?”

Find out what absorbs with this water experiment

The way I worded that question left the experiment open to a little more than just absorption.

Henry noticed that rocks changed in color when water was poured over it, but it didn’t absorb the water (okay, technically it may have a little bit, but not like a sponge).

He also noticed how the mud and sand turned the water a different color, but it didn’t in the others.

George also noticed that if you sit downhill of the muffin tin, you’re likely to get wet too.

Find out what absorbs with this water experiment

Oh the fun of water experiments and the outdoors this summer!

I’m so excited to go through my list of top 10 water experiments this summer! Checking this one off the list!

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