This week’s Activities

[above, clockwise from top left]

  1. We’re getting outside as a family this month and set a few goals for ourselves. I’m also challenging you to do the same. Are you up for it?
  2. Henry and I really got into making some paper egg decorations for Easter. We used some resist art techniques, but mostly really enjoyed the process.
  3. It’s Playtime had features about eggs this week [the one shown is from Little Lucky]! We all decorate them for Easter, but there’s so much more you can do with eggs!
  4. And, of course, we did some egg decorating too. Tried a few new resist techniques, some didn’t turn out as planned, but we really had fun!


Have a very Happy Easter!


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  1. Dana says

    That photo with the egg-animals looks awfully familiar, I think I’ve seen it before. I don’t see in your post where it’s from. Do you have a link? Maybe I’ll try them, too.

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