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Hands on Activities

A few hands on activities for you… (from top, left to right)

A little of what’s been up at our house:

So it’s been a little quiet, hasn’t it? I haven’t sent out a newsletter for a couple of weeks… only because I haven’t been sharing or posting much on the blog… so not much to share in the newsletter. Once I get the hang of three kids, or at least I get the hang of juggling all of the chaos, I’ll be back to posting as normal!

In the meantime, enjoy some old posts, or relax yourself for the holidays too!

As I’ve been enjoying this cuddly time with Louis, I’ve also been trying…. (…trying…) to do the boys’ photography shots myself. Man, its hard. I need tips!

Here’s Louis at 1 week old.

I still have to try getting George for his 2 year photos… any tips for that too?

A hands on attempt. And failure. Suggestions?

As part of my attempts to get into the holiday spirits already…. (Pinterest is already nuts about Christmas, so I thought I better get a move on!) … I tried ‘frosting’ a window. I used this recipe from About.com using Epsom Salt. I’m not sure what I did wrong, but my windows just looked very smudgy and dirty when I was done! I could tell that it tried to crystallize (there was a crunchy coating on my window), but it just looked horrible. Have you done this to your windows? Am I missing something?

Hands on activities I’ve marked to try:

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you find some great deals if you are one of the brave to head out on Black Friday! I have yet to manage those crowds… most of my shopping gets done online!

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    Considering that you have your beautiful new baby in the house, I’m impressed that you have posted at all.

    What about trying your fizzy sidewalk paint recipe, just in white, for your window frosting? You could use the vinegar spray for fun when it came time to remove it.

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