A week of Hands on Activities


  1. Another request for an experiment brought about this “What Dissolves in Water?” experiment. Great activity for predicting and observing what happens.
  2. Henry learned a little with his wooden blocks by sorting by shape and size. And building as he did it!
  3. Speaking of blocks, I found 40 ways to play with wooden blocks, Legos, and even ABC blocks. Time to have fun with the blocks I’d say.
  4. Since it has been gorgeous here, I needed some outdoor inspiration. I featured some on It’s Playtime, but check out all the play ideas that are linked up! A great resource!
  5. Ever forget about some of the first things your kids do? What about the unRecognized Firsts? I made a list of what I wish I would have jotted down when Henry did some things…
  6. The boys and I had a blast rolling down the hills in this gorgeous weather! Can’t ask for a better afternoon!
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Handprint Art

Henry wanted to do some hand print art… what do you think he decided to make with his green hand?

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