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I love it when the kids make something to decorate our windows, and a Valentine window just had to be done!

Since George has been asking non-stop to paint more and more hearts, I dug out some heart shaped paper doilies that I had bought a couple of years ago after Valentine’s Day.

We started with coloring a few with dot markers, and regular markers, just drawing on them, making it pretty. But George really, really wanted to paint!

Painted doily hearts for Valentine window

So painting it was to decorate our Valentine window.

And it was toddler style painting!

This is definitely a messier version of the shaken painted hearts, but definitely still a toddler art project. (If you’re afraid of the mess, take a look at the 10 tips to keeping messy play clean.)

I placed the paper doilies in a pan along with a couple blobs of red and pink paint (as usual, we use Crayola washable paints – affiliate link).

Painted doily hearts for Valentine window

Louis got some super awesome sensory balls (affiliate link) for Christmas that were just begging to paint with us… okay maybe not really. But they sure looked like they’d be fun to paint with!

My thought was to set them in the pan and tip the pan back and forth to make the ball roll back and forth, which George did… for a little bit.

But then he was all about the hands, and rolling the balls himself.

Toddler Painted doily hearts for Valentine window

I made sure to take out the paper doily before it got too covered or ripped and put a new one in. George could have kept going and going with this, but we eventually ran out of hearts to paint!

I set the doilies on the paper that I had put down to dry, but soon realized that they would stick to the paper when they dried. I decided to hang them up to dry instead, but a couple had ripped because they had already stuck to the paper. So be sure to hang them immediately after you’re done painting them.

With red ribbon that George cut himself (and, oh he is so proud of that part!), I hung them up in the windows by looping it around the curtain rod and stapling the ribbon to each heart.

Valentine Window of Toddler Painted Doily Hearts

I think it has added a little warmth and love to the room, don’t you? I’m lovin’ our Valentine window!

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  1. Jennifer says

    We painted some heart doilies using sponges and watered down tempura. With 30 doiles for a buck at the Dollar Store, this was a fun, easy, cheap project for my 3 year old. Thanks for the great idea!

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