Valentine Art for Toddlers: Scratch, Roll, Resist

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A Valentine art project for toddlers includes three methods of painting! Pick one, or do all three with your toddler!

Since George keeps wanting to paint hearts, I’ve been trying to come up with different ways to make some Valentine art for toddlers that’s not the same ol’ finger painting over and over again.

I think I’ve been doing good so far. Most have been classic ways to paint, such as the sponge and cookie cutter heart paintings. Even though they’re classic, this was our first time painting that way. I’m so excited to have found new art projects that a toddler can do and they still look awesome in the end.

And here’s yet another heart art project for toddlers. (Yes, George is still asking to paint hearts still!)


This one is a combination of a few art projects that toddlers can do.

  1. Tape resist art. Its been on my mind since I collected a few ideas…
  2. Roller painting. We’ve done this before, but in a baggy. This time the mess came out.
  3. Comb painting. I just saw an awesome art project by Learn with Play at Home so I thought we’d give this a whirl too.

I taped a heart out onto a piece of paper. George wanted to get in on the taping too, so he put tape dots around the heart.

Tape Resist Valentine Art for Toddlers

With a wooden dowel (a rolling pin would work well too!), George rolled paint over the paper. He’s definitely seen this motion done several times at the bakery. He knew just how to roll!

Rolling in the Paint to Make Valentine Art for Toddlers

And then with a comb, we scratched over the paint to make marks and lines, giving it texture and some character.

There’s absolutely no right or wrong way to do any of these techniques. All that’s important is to cover the paper with paint, any way you can!

Think about it, what other objects do you have in your cupboard that you could drag through the paint? Toddlers love to use an object that they know is supposed to be used for something else. Such as the comb. Something that’s supposed to be run through their hair, and I’m letting him put it in paint? He thinks he’s getting away with something and loves doing it!

Comb Scratches for a Valentine Art for Toddlers

Its a fun way for toddlers to explore different mediums, plus there’s pretty artwork that comes from it to hang up for Valentine’s Day! (You could also make cards too!)


And with the tape off, the texture shows off so nicely!

There’s lots of Valentine Art for toddlers found in my Valentine’s For Kids collaborative Pinterest board!

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