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This past weekend the boys and I went traveling with Grandma and (someday) Aunt Kim to visit my other brother’s family.

How to entertain the boys during our travels?

Travel Activities

I packed bags of activities to do!

  • Imaginets (this link as well as others that follow are affiliate links)– a magnetic white board case with magnet shapes to create. (Included some of Henry’s Crayola washable markers that easily wipe off with baby wipes.)
  • I Spy Bottle for either of the boys to find hidden shapes and letters in the rice.
  • Stickers and construction paper.
  • Portable DVD Player with a couple DVD’s – I don’t own a portable DVD player, so I checked one out for a week from my local library!
  • Little toys that Henry packed in a small bag.
  • Special snacks (like chocolate milk and trail mix).
  • Travel Lap Tray for eating snacks and playing.
  • Most importantly: Extra adults to play with the kids in the back. (Minivan needed.)

We also played a version of I Spy – we looked for semis! Henry chose a color of semi for each of us to look for, then we counted them. This ended up being more of a game for the adults than it was for Henry – he just liked to point out the semis (which was constantly, by the way).

Most of these ideas came from my Facebook crowd when I posed the question of what to do while traveling on a long road trip.

Other comments on activities for traveling (I couldn’t take everything along):

Travel Activities (Paint with Contact Paper) by Dilly-Dali Art

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